Cairo, Egypt, October 16 – 19, 2011

Children’s Cancer Hospital

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Course Directors

Vincent Khoo, Clinical Oncologist, Royal Marsden Hospital, London GB


Isabelle Barillot, Radiation Oncologist, Clinique d’Oncologie et Radiothérapie – Hôpital Bretonneau, Tours FR
Neil Burnet, Clinical Oncologist, Cambridge University – Addenbrooke’s Hospital GB

Stefan Delorme, Radiologist, German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ), Heidelberg DE

Daryl Lim Joon, Radiation Oncologist, Austin Health & Repatriation Medical Centre, Melbourne AU
Peter Remeijer, Physicist, The Netherlands Cancer Institute, Amsterdam NL
Sarah Swift, Radiologist, St James University Hospital, Leeds GB
Angela van Baardwijk, Radiation Oncologist, MAASTRO Clinic NL
Marcel van Herk, Physicist, The Netherlands Cancer Institute, Amsterdam NL

Local Organiser

Mohamed S. Zaghloul, Radiation Oncologist, Children’s hospital, NCI, Cairo University, Cairo, EG

Course Aims

• To understand the need for TVD and planning nomenclatures for primary tumour, nodal regions and organs-at-risk in treatment planning and for treatment strategies such as IMRT and image guidance (IGRT)
• To appreciate the limitations of current imaging modalities for TVD and review ‘state-of-the art’ imaging modalities for TVD
• To explore the use of functional and molecular imaging in TVD for biological targets.
• To review the diagnostic imaging and therapy interface for image registration and verification as well as margin determination
• To promote interdisciplinary discussion between oncologists, physicists and technologists in small workgroups for GTV, CTV, PTV determination in selected tumour sites (e.g. CNS, H&N, thoracic and pelvis)
• These workshops will involve practical exercises with compulsory homework by all attendees and pre-course submission of homework via internet

Target Group

The course is aimed at trainees in Radiation Oncology and Radiotherapy Physics with at least 1 year experience, Diagnostic Radiologists with an interest in Cancer Imaging, Radiation Technologists with special interest in Planning. However, any senior who would like to refresh part of her/ his knowledge would benefit from this course.

Educational Programme

• Imaging techniques for GTV/CTV including ultrasound, CT, MRI, and PET
• Functional and molecular imaging in oncology
• Optimal imaging guidelines in selected tumour sites
• Target volume and margin definitions and determination including inter-observer variations
• Acquisition of imaging data for treatment planning
• Image handling, image fusion and networking
• Target volumes for CNS tumours
• GTV to PTV for H&N tumours
• Target volumes for Breast nodal regions
• Planning volumes for lung cancer including planning with PET/CT
• GTV to PTV for pelvic tumours & pelvic nodes including urological, gynaecological and GI tumours
• Geometric uncertainties in conformal radiotherapy and IMRT
• Image registration for conformal therapy, IMRT and IGRT
• Practical collaborative group exercises
• Interactive plenary sessions for case solutions

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